1. Marvelous Pascal

    This was absolutely a beautiful read and something I really needed to read today. I have a vampire sucker in my life like everyone and who just takes and takes and does not says nothing nice and I’m over it. I have found myself struggling to be who I am because I’m constantly thinking about shit that doesn’t matter in my life. This truly was a good read thank you babe. #TakeBackMyThoughts #byevampire

    • I am so glad that I posted this today just when you need it <3
      Stay strong babe! I'm so glad you took some time for yourself to get your energy back!
      Love you xxoo Lol I heard garlic helps for vampires!! Maybe it is time to load up when they are around! 😉

  2. Sue 😎

    You are a wise woman! Thanks for this – a great reminder that we need to take care of our spirits and sometimes need to let go of negative people in our lives! Keep writing! I really love reading your articles 😘

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