Popular Nail Shapes-Find what is best for you

Express yourself with shape!

One of my most favourite things about our fingernails is they can be an extension of who we are. Accessories, really.

We can change them with our mood, the season, the holiday!  An excellent way to play around with Nail ideas is with the most common or popular nail shapes.

Let’s dive in!


I think we should start here because this is the most common nail shape. At least in my experience.

This look is lovely short or long. A durable shape. Something I will touch on later is not all shapes are created equal, or strong.

I wore a square nail for years and years! About three years ago I changed my nail shape to almond and I haven’t looked back. But square is always on my mind 😉

A great athletic shape, if kept short.  Let me just tell you that glamorous, trendy or popular, whatever you wanna call it, they do not have to be long.


I find round or oval, honestly to be the least popular nail shape I’ve come across. Typically the over 40 crowd prefer this shape. But I do not discriminate ladies, you do you!

Round or oval is a very classic shape. Chic. Great for weddings or for the business professionals, that want beautiful nails but don’t want to attract too much attention to them. An excellent beginner shape also. For someone just starting out with gel nails that isn’t quite sure what they are into yet.

Again, subtle and natural.


This is my current nail shape.  I prefer to wear mine a little on the long side. As a nail technician, I think the overall aesthetic of an almond shape looks better long. It elongates the finger, offering a more feminine look. I suffer from short finger syndrome also known as SFD. I find my almond nails help with this.

Not to be confused with stiletto shape, almond isn’t as sharp or as long. Definitely more manageable in my opinion. I can still type with my almond nails. I’ve even done kickboxing with them but had to take them down a little. Putting on earrings or a necklace is also more challenging as we go along here but, sometimes it’s just worth it!


I am still preferring long on this popular nail shape. Though short can be done, again it’s just my preference. This is such a sleek tapered look. Gradually getting more narrow as you get to the tip. But alas, no tip. Just perfectly squared off.

A very dramatic look. Edgy and trendy. Definitely more popular with the under 30 crowd. Not great for typing or sports in my opinion. But, hey who needs that when you have nails to be envious of.

My favourite look is a glossy black set of coffin nails. This is definitely making a statement. SEXY!


Think coffin with the tip. A very accentuated pointy tip. Almost dangerous. The least practical yet most powerful of all of our popular nail shapes. This one takes the cake. Glamour, drama, statement! Let’s go all out with these babies. Rhinestones, nail art,, glitter! There’s no stopping you. The sky is the limit. I mean why not? If you’re going stiletto your risky, willing to take chances. You love the glam, the bling and the color!

I clearly get most excited when someone asks for stiletto. It doesn’t happen too often. But, when it does I know we are both in for a treat.

I love doing gel nails because this is a creative outlet for me. Stiletto nails really let both my client and myself get those creative juices flowing.

Decisions, decisions

When it comes to popular nails shapes, or really even the not so popular, I don’t think we ever need to just stick to one. Mix it up. Ask your nail technician for a change. My all-time favourite thing about gel nails is the skies the limit! You can always change your mind. Your style or your vibe. Make them longer or rock a short and square for a bit why not?

I hope you have enjoyed my little breakdown on nail shapes. Tell me what you think, what shape do you have right now? Or what shape have you always wanted to try it but have been too nervous?

I love hearing from you. If you have any questions ask away!!

Love always,

Cheyanne/The Nail Lamp Tramp


  1. Thanks for the breakdown in nail shapes! Really enjoyed this article. As someone who constantly mutilates my nails due to ADHD and Anxiety, I have been wanting to try gel nails, but honestly wasn’t really sure what to ask for. This article gave me some insight. I’m probably more the over 40 oval type, lol, but who knows, I might decide to do something a bit more daring!
    Thanks for the information!

  2. Wendy

    I have been getting my nails square shaped for ages! You are right. I need to change things up. I think I may get almond next weekend when I get my nails done. I really didn’t think there were these many options. My nail technician always asks me if I want them rounded or squared. No I know I can request something different than the norm. Thanks for the information!

  3. I love the break down of all the nail shapes, I fall into the most common category and ALWAYS get my nails done square. What can I say? I am a creature of habit and I know what I like haha.

    That being said I didn’t know there were so many options, and next time I may have to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Squoval seems like a safe option for now.

    Love the visual of all the nail shapes. Thank you for sharing!


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