1. Kat

    Never had a doubt B!
    You’re everything! 🙌🏼💛

    When I look at you and feel what you put out in your work and your clients, I’m SO proud to know you and be a part of it all!


  2. Emma

    Thankgod you walked through those doors at Le Chateau because our paths crossed.

    Your journey is inspiring, courageous and your absolutely right if we don’t try whats tugging our heartspace we will never truly know what we are capable of 💜

    Many congrats on your 1 year anniversary to saying yes to FEAR.

    Thanks for the nudge, luv ya doll xo
    Emma xo

    • I’m so grateful our paths crossed!!! I seriously dont know what I would have done without you dolls!
      Thank you for reading and for thoughtful comment!
      Love you tons!!!! XOXO

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