Gel Nail Training and Business Coaching!

Who can benefit from Gel Nail Training and Business Coaching?


  • Just starting out (need to learn the basics)
  • Refresh previous training
  • Learn some new techniques
  • Business and brand building
  • Starting a website
  • Brand collaborations and Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO Optimization
  • Aquring a steady clientele

These are just a few ways that I can help you build your business. Any of these categories can be coached online or in person with one-on-one training.

A Little About My Past:

If you are just finding me here on the internet, let me give you a little refresher.

I started working with gel nails in 2007. Quickly gained an apprenticeship at a salon where I focused on aesthetics, hair and nails. Nails was truly my favorite part of the job and my biggest takeaway. I worked at this salon for two years where I learned not only the basics, but how to build a clientele in this industry.  It can be tricky.

After two years working at this spa my little family and I moved to a small ( I mean small ) town in the coastal mountains of Biritish Columbia. I buddy’d up with a local esthetician who needed a nail tech in her business. I spent 7 years working with her and built a strong presence in my little town. My bookings were full up to a year in advance! That’s right. No exaggeration. It got to the point where I decided to venture out and start a little studio of my own. I built a 8ft X 11ft room in my garage and started seeing my clients on my own schedule and on my own terms.

During my nearly 10 years working in a Salon environment, I trained countless technicians. My original mentor was a guru! The best of the best! The cream of the crop! She took me under her wing and taught me everything she knew. I took these same skills and techniques to train my fellow co-workers and in turn made my boss and them even more money!

When I was able to go out on my own. I spent my free time working on my online presence. I took an online marketing course and learned how to get my content indexed by Google, manage several websites at once, create engaging content, acquire affiliation deals, pay per clicks and so on! Best money I have ever spent on my business!

Now I have this arsenal of knowledge and experience that I want to share with you!

Over the last year I have helped others, just like you, build the business of their dreams with gel nail training and business coaching. I have helped them make money from home, make their own schedule and be able to spend more time with their families!

There is so much more to this business than just creating pretty nails. I mean, that is a huge part of it, but it is not the only part. If you want a sustainable career and something that can generate money even when your not physically doing nails, then you need to dive a little deeper, think a little bigger and step outside of your comfort zone!

All of my trainings are customizable , from schedule to payments. I work with you so you can create success stress free!

Please reach out, comment below or find me on Instagram if you would like to chat about taking your dreams and your business to the next level.


I am passionate about your passion!

Cheyanne – The Nail Lamp Tramp